The 15 Best Virtual Dollar Card For Online Payment in Nigeria

The digital finance sector in Nigeria is experiencing rapid growth, with virtual dollar cards becoming increasingly popular for online payments.

These cards, primarily used for international transactions, offer Nigerian users a seamless and secure way to shop online, subscribe to services, and manage software payments without the hassles associated with traditional banking hurdles.

As the demand for such financial tools escalates, numerous providers have stepped in, offering various options tailored to different needs and preferences, making it essential to identify the best virtual dollar cards available in the Nigerian market.

Identifying the top 15 virtual dollar cards for online payment in Nigeria involves considering factors like ease of acquisition, user fees, transaction limits, and security features. Each card comes with its unique set of benefits and limitations, catering to Nigerian users' diverse financial needs and spending habits.

Whether you're a freelancer looking to receive payments from abroad, a traveller booking flights and hotels, or a shopper indulging in international e-commerce, there's likely a virtual dollar card suited to your financial activities.

Let's dive into the features, benefits, and user experiences these top virtual dollar cards provide, making your online transactions smoother and more secure.

What is a Virtual Card?

A virtual card, also known as a digital or e-card, is a digital representation of a physical payment card.

It contains all the essential information you would find on a traditional credit or debit card, including the card number, expiration date, and CVV code. However, a virtual card exists purely in digital form and has no physical counterpart.

How Does a Virtual Card Work?

Virtual cards work similarly to physical cards, with a few key differences. They are primarily designed for online transactions and offer high security. Here's how a virtual card typically works:

  1. Issuance: You can obtain a virtual card through various financial institutions, banks, or online payment providers. These institutions issue you a unique set of card details.
  2. Online Usage: You can use your virtual card to make payments and complete transactions on the internet, just like you would with a physical card. Enter the card details during checkout on websites accepting card payments.
  3. Security: Virtual cards often have enhanced security features, such as one-time-use card numbers. These numbers change with each transaction, making it more difficult for unauthorized parties to steal your card information.
  4. Limits and Restrictions: Virtual cards may have spending limits or expiration dates, adding more control over your finances.

Difference Between a Virtual Card and a Normal Card

Virtual cards differ from traditional payment cards in several ways:

  1. Physical Form: The most obvious difference is that virtual cards lack a physical presence. They are purely digital.
  2. Security: Virtual cards are often considered more secure because they can have features like disposable card numbers and transaction-specific limits.
  3. Online Use: Virtual cards are primarily designed for online transactions, while physical cards can be used online and in physical stores.
  4. International Transactions: Virtual cards are ideal for making international payments and purchases on foreign websites. They allow you to transact in different currencies, like the US dollar, without needing a foreign bank account.

How to Get a Virtual Credit Card in Nigeria

Obtaining a virtual credit card in Nigeria is relatively straightforward. Here are the general steps to follow:

  1. Choose a Provider: Select a reputable financial institution, bank, or online payment provider offering virtual card services.
  2. Application: Fill out an application or registration form, providing the necessary personal and financial information. You may also need to verify your identity.
  3. Account Setup: Once approved, set up your virtual card account. You will receive your card details, including the card number, expiration date, and CVV code.
  4. Fund Your Card: Load funds onto your virtual card. You can often do this via your bank account or other payment methods.
  5. Start Using Your Card: Your virtual card is now ready for use. You can make online payments and enjoy the benefits of a digital payment solution.

The 15 Best Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria

Now, let's dive into the heart of the matter – Nigeria's 15 best virtual dollar cards. We've compiled this list based on their popularity, features, and user reviews.

Please note that these cards' availability and specific features may vary, so it's essential to conduct your own research and choose the one that best suits your needs.

  1. Payoneer:
    • Benefit: Global Reach - Payoneer offers a wide global reach, making it an ideal choice for international freelancers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and online professionals.
    • Feature: Multiple Currencies - Payoneer allows you to hold and manage multiple currencies in a single account, simplifying cross-border transactions.
  2. Skrill:
    • Benefit: Instant Transfers - Skrill offers quick and hassle-free money transfers, making it a go-to choice for individuals needing to send or receive funds rapidly.
    • Feature: Prepaid Card - Skrill provides a prepaid card that allows you to spend your funds directly from your Skrill account, offering convenience for online and offline purchases.
  3. Neteller:
    • Benefit: Secure Transactions - Neteller is known for its robust security features, ensuring that your financial data and transactions are protected.
    • Feature: VIP Program - Neteller offers a VIP program with various benefits, including lower fees, dedicated support, and more.
  4. Entropay:
    • Benefit: Anonymity - Entropay offers a level of anonymity for online transactions, making it an attractive option for privacy-conscious users.
    • Feature: Easy Account Loading - You can easily load your Entropay account using your existing debit or credit card.
  5. EcoPayz:
    • Benefit: Wide Acceptance - EcoPayz is widely accepted by numerous online merchants, making it a versatile choice for online shoppers.
    • Feature: EcoVirtualCard - EcoPayz provides a virtual card option that is perfect for one-time online transactions, adding an extra layer of security.
  6. Wise (formerly TransferWise):
    • Benefit: Transparent Fees - Wise is known for its transparency regarding fees and exchange rates, ensuring you always know what you're paying for.
    • Feature: Multi-Currency Account - Wise allows you to hold and manage multiple currencies, helping you save on conversion costs.
  7. PaySika:
    • Benefit: Easy Access - PaySika provides a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of obtaining and using virtual dollar cards.
    • Feature: Multi-Purpose - PaySika virtual cards can be used for various online transactions, from shopping to paying bills.
  8. UBA Africard:
    • Benefit: Local Banking - UBA Africard is offered by the United Bank for Africa (UBA), a trusted Nigerian bank, providing a sense of security for local customers.
    • Feature: International Usage - UBA Africard can be used for international transactions, making it a versatile option for global financial activities.
  9. Verve Global Card:
    • Benefit: Wide Acceptance - Verve cards are widely accepted by Nigerian online merchants, ensuring you can use them for various transactions.
    • Feature: Local Currency - Verve Global Cards are linked to your Naira account, allowing you to transact in your local currency.
  10. GTBank Dollar MasterCard:
    • Benefit: Dollar Transactions - GTBank's Dollar MasterCard is specifically designed for dollar-denominated transactions, making it ideal for international online shopping.
    • Feature: Prepaid Card - It operates as a prepaid card, helping you maintain control over your spending.
  11. Zenith Bank GlobalPay:
    • Benefit: Global Banking - Zenith Bank offers a suite of global banking services, making it suitable for individuals who need a comprehensive financial solution.
    • Feature: Competitive Rates - Zenith Bank provides competitive exchange rates for foreign currency transactions.
  12. Diamond Bank Virtual MasterCard:
    • Benefit: Accessibility - Diamond Bank's Virtual MasterCard is easily accessible to Diamond Bank account holders, streamlining the application process.
    • Feature: Online Payment - It is designed primarily for online payments, making it a reliable option for e-commerce enthusiasts.
  13. Access Bank Dollar Card:
    • Benefit: Dollar Account - Access Bank provides dollar accounts alongside their dollar cards, offering a comprehensive solution for international financial needs.
    • Feature: Chip and PIN Security - Access Bank's Dollar Card has advanced security features to protect your financial data.
  14. Fidelity Bank Dollar Visa Card:
    • Benefit: Visa Network - Fidelity Bank's Dollar Visa Card is part of the extensive Visa network, offering worldwide acceptance.
    • Feature: Easy Replenishment - You can easily fund your Fidelity Bank Dollar Visa Card from your Naira account.
  15. First Bank Virtual Card:
    • Benefit: Accessibility - First Bank's Virtual Card is readily available to First Bank account holders, simplifying the application process.
    • Feature: Single-Use Card - The Virtual Card from First Bank can be set up for single-use, enhancing security for online transactions.

The Cheapest Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria

When it comes to finding the most cost-effective virtual dollar card, it's essential to consider factors like issuance fees, maintenance fees, and exchange rates.

Payoneer, Skrill, and Wise (formerly TransferWise) are known for their competitive rates and fee transparency. However, the cheapest option for you may depend on your specific usage and financial needs.

Difference Between a Virtual Card and a Normal Card

We've already discussed the primary distinctions between virtual and physical cards.

The key difference lies in virtual cards' physical presence and added security features, making them well-suited for online and international transactions.

Can I Get a Dollar Card for My Naira Account?

You can get a dollar card for your Naira account in Nigeria. Many Nigerian banks offer dollar-denominated accounts and corresponding debit or credit cards.

These accounts allow you to hold, send, and receive US dollars, making it convenient for international transactions. Contact your bank to inquire about their dollar account options and associated cards.

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Which App Can I Use to Open a Dollar Account in Nigeria?

Several Nigerian banks offer apps that allow you to open a dollar account. Some of the popular ones include:

  1. GTBank Mobile App
  2. Zenith Bank Mobile App
  3. First Bank Mobile App
  4. Access Bank Mobile App
  5. UBA Mobile Banking App

You can download these apps from your respective app stores, follow the instructions to open a dollar account, and apply for a dollar card.


What is the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria?

The best virtual dollar card can vary based on your specific needs. Popular options include Payoneer, Skrill, and Wise, but it's essential to compare features and fees to find the right one for you.

How do I get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria?

To get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria, choose a provider, complete the application, and fund your card. Reputable banks and online payment platforms offer this service.

Which Nigerian banks offer virtual dollar cards?

Many Nigerian banks offer virtual dollar cards, including UBA, GTBank, Zenith Bank, Diamond Bank, Access Bank, and First Bank.

Are there any free virtual dollar cards in Nigeria?

Some providers may offer free virtual dollar cards but often come with specific terms and conditions. Be sure to review the fine print before making a choice.


The right payment tools are essential, especially when it comes to international transactions and online shopping in foreign currencies.

Virtual dollar cards in Nigeria provide a convenient and secure transaction solution.

With the information provided in this guide, you can confidently choose the best virtual dollar card that suits your needs and enjoy seamless online payments.